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People ask me about the possibility of migrating a computer’s HDD content to a new or larger HDD without losing its operating system, software installations and files. I have also been asked of the possibility of creating a custom recovery disc image for a computer. Maybe you have an identical computer and you want to have the exact same content on both or maybe you just dont have some of the software installations any more.

A friend’s studio computer’s HDD had reached its capacity limit. He had a 500GB internal storage and had a 2TB external to manage his data. Unfortunately, his applications needed more than 500GB to work. I had one solution for him; move the state of your current HDD to a bigger one. It sounded impossible to him considering the sizes of the various setup files and how scarce some of them are. Then, I told him about Active@ Disk Image Pro.

Active@ Disk Image is a powerful backup tool. Whether you just want to have computer backup, duplicate the state of your computer or change partition structure.

DESIGN: The first impression you get when you look at the application is, it’s an engineers application. Very direct and straight to the point. No hidden features. LSOFT Technologies focused on functionality rather than beauty. Its understandable considering its not an everyday application neither is it an application to be messing around with if you don’t know what you’re doing. Its design concept must have come from Windows XP Explorer.

PRICE: It is sold at $24.95 with I think is OK. I haven’t seen a physical installation disc but I have bought it online.

BACKUP: This is one of the best tools for you if you want to clone a system from an existing one. Be it Disk-to-Disk or Disk-to-Image. If the 2 disks have different properties, don’t worry. Just don’t backup up free space. That way it backup up just the content of the source disk instead of backing up the disks free sectors.

There is also an option to create backup on CD/DVD. The numbers of discs used will depend on the size of your backup. It works but I really wouldn’t recommend you create backup on discs.

Once your backup files have been created you can use it to create the same content on a new destination disk. You do not need an operating system or an installation to restore and operating system from a backup up. You would be prompted to create a BootCD the first time you launch the application. The BootCD run as a live operating system with Active@Disk Image preloaded.

Note that the duration of your backup or restore depends on the size of the backup, your processor and your storage devices. The process could take hours.

SETUP: I didn’t get the application from a store so I can’t really discuss its packaging. The download file was OK. But I would have preferred if there was a portable version of the application. I am not sure anyone would enjoy registering the application each time they have to use it on a different system, considering how long the registration key is.

I do like that fact that its not on subscription bases. I also like that its compatible with every version of Microsoft Windows from Windows XP


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I will always recommend this application.



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