How to use Node-Gypsi

Node-Gypsi on NPM

For example, Im building a file hosting service that relies on a couple local services and another local node.js based app. Its kinda frustrating opening multiple tabs, to run these each of these services and apps just to get my app running. So I built node-gypsi.

It’s got a simple wizard to help you get started and stores your config in a human-readable json file.

to install type

$ sudo npm install gypsi -g

then after it’s successfully installed start with:

$ gypsi

On first launch, you’re prompted with 3 questions.


The values are gotten from the current directory’s package.json file. You can change them to suit you.


 Add a Co-Application i.e. A node app that your app requires. (“h” is help, listing out the available options)

Adding a node.js co app requires a valid absolute path to a package.json file e.g. /home/king/nodeapps/nodegypsi/ <my-package.json file is here but dont write “package.json”>

Adding a service needs the service to be installed already. For now, Node-Gypsi supports systemd as I built this on Fedora 20. I plan to support Upstart asap.

When you’re done adding the required services and co-apps, you can run the project from the menu


CTRL+C should terminate the processes. Contributions are very welcome

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