Hp Pavilion G6 Blinking Capslock – Quick Fix

I just found a way to fix the hp g6 blinking caps-lock issue.

I updated my laptop to Windows 10 on the day it was released, and I’ve been enjoying it since then, no problem at all. Two weeks ago, I was playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, (one of my best race games) and the screen started flickering. The keyboard stopped responding to I powered it off. When I turned the laptop back on the screen didn’t come on and the caps-lock light was blinking every three seconds. I powered it off and tried powering it on several times, but nothing changed. The first thing that came to my mind was the RAM, so I tested it on another laptop and it worked. So i took out the laptop battery, CMOS battery, WiFi card, hard drive, and swapped RAM from another laptop, but it was still the same. So I went online to look for solutions.

Apparently, this had nothing to do with the new Windows 10 or any Operating System.

Surprisingly, other people had this same problem and most of them had the hp pavilion g6 series.

Some of the solutions I saw online worked for some people. I think a bigger percentage of us with this problem had tried them all with not luck. So I just abandoned the laptop for two weeks. This was because I had already concluded that the mother board needs to be replaced.

Just recently, I thought I should assemble the laptop back. Then I decided to try to see if it will respond. I turned it on and the caps-lock was still blinking and the screen was black. At this point the only things I had put back into the laptop was the WiFi card and the CMOS battery. The main laptop battery wasn’t in it. So I removed the CMOS battery, plugged in the AC power adapter. Instead of turning the laptop on normally, I held the power button down. Within about seven seconds the screen came back on. I powered if off to see if it will come back on and it did.

It seems this particular problem is common with the HP Pavilion G6 series.

This is the first time I’m having this kind of issue.

1, Remove the laptop battery

2, Remove the CMOS battery

3, Eject and replace the RAM or swap if you have two

4, Plug in the power cable

5, Hold down the power button for at least ten seconds or until the screen comes on

Then you can put back all the other components you removed.

Please let us know if this procedure worked for you. If you have an easier method, let us know too.

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