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Hello everyone, it’s been a while.

Today, I finally decided to do a review on the Uber app.

This review doesn’t cover the quality of the cars, personality of the driver, the company’s business strategies nor their coverage. I am just reviewing the app (the technology).

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I think the Uber idea is a brilliant one. The fact that I can be in the comfort of my home or office and request a car without have to step outside, making phone calls or getting into an annoying fare negotiation makes it awesome.

The app is quite user-friendly and straight to the point. All it does is get you car for your ride.

To use the app, you would need to create an Uber account, either on the app or on the web browser. Creating an account is almost like signing up for a social media account. Only difference is, you’ll need to provide a form of payment. In our case, that would be you Naira debit card (ATM card).

Once your account has been created and you’re signed into the app, you’re ready for your first Uber ride.

To request an Uber car, sign into the app and make sure the location pin is exactly where you are. Then, on the Destination option, you’ll have to type in the address of where you’re going. I understand not everyone knows exactly where they’re going but it would have been nice to also have a pin placed on the destination location. This is because not all maps knows all the names of the street or where they are. For Android users, this is not a problem, but for Windows Phone users, the problem is present. For example, both Nokia maps and Here maps are not as good as Google maps.

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On the map, you’ll see a real-time location of all the available Uber cars (I think it’s 5km radius) around your location. Press the Request Uber button to request a car. The closest driver gets your request and as soon as he accepts, he gets your name, phone number and your location. At the same time, you get his name, picture, phone number and registration plate number. You’ll also get an SMS tell you the driver has accepted and he’s on his way.

With the help of the map, the driver navigates his way to your location. I believe its part of the training the Uber drivers get. Once he arrives at the pickup location, you get a notification on the app and through SMS that he has arrived.

If you did not set a destination address, you’ll have to tell your driver where you’re going before he begins the trip. But if you’ve set your drop-off location, you do not need to talk to the driver, he’ll begin the trip as soon as your get into the car. His driver app will guide him to your drop-off location.

When you get to your destination, the Uber driver ends the trip just before you step our of the car and you’re automatically billed.

Another interesting feature on the app is the ability to split the fare between other Uber users. You can add them by their names of phone numbers. They will have to accept your request to share the fare with them.

Screenshot_2015-06-17-21-11-46  Screenshot_2015-06-17-21-13-11


You can review the driver if you wish. In case you forgot something in the car, you can send a report back to Uber. It also seems like the Uber drivers can rate you as well.

You can view all your trips on the Uber website. You can also modify your profile.

Note, there are two types of Uber cars, UberX and UberBLACK. The UberX is the standard Uber cars while the UberBLACK is their luxury cars. Obviously, their fare rates are not the same.

Uber sometimes do Surge Pricing when the demands for Uber cars are overwhelming. The surge pricing was also implemented during the long fuel scarcity.

New users have the opportunity of getting a free N2000 credit on their first ride. If you’re a new user, you’ll have to get an Uber code from an existing Uber user. Once you’ve had your first Uber ride a code will be generated for you too. If you get another new Uber user to use your code for free ride, you’ll get another N2000 credit. If you don’t have an existing uber friend you can use mine, uberTechTorqueNG

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